Saturday, 27 April 2013

Audi v Rebellion in Detail

Many of you who follow me on twitter may be aware of my recent interest in the LMP1 privateer situation in the World Endurance Championship.

I will attempt to analyse the data from the #12 Rebellion and pitch it against the current World Endurance champions Audi #1 E-tron Quattro.

I'm going to start by breaking down the sector times and compare them, I have selected the first 10 laps of the race to keep the varibles to a minimum and also to get the cars at ultimate pace. I will start with the obvious, Sector 1.

 photo RebellionvAudiSector1.jpg

You will notice starightaway that Audi was the faster car but we expected that, it's not that I expect the Rebellion Toyota to be faster but it's the amount of distance between the cars that we are intrested in.
Reviewing the data as you will see above my first impressions are not quite so good. I calulated the average distance between the cars to be 1.3 seconds in Sector 1 alone. Once the cars hit traffic on lap 4 for the Audi, and lap 5 for the rebellion, the splits between them flutuate somewhat.

 photo RebellionVAudiSector2.jpg

Once again the Audi was the faster of the 2 cars, until once again traffic appears on the scene. The average time distance between them in sector 2 is an eye-watering 1.4 seconds. So currently the Rebellion is 2.7s slower on average and we havent even got to sector 3 yet. An early conclusion would be that Rebellion's drivers need to push through traffic to gain any advantage possible and minmise the gap.

 photo RebellionvAudiSector3.jpg

Again first impressions prove the #1 Audi faster through the laps until lap 9 where the Audi must have caught traffic at a bad time. The average distance through sector 3 reads better than the previous sectors at 0.7s slower, however it's only a 31s sector mainly consisting of the Hanger straight, Stowe, Vale, Club and across the line. I proved a previous blog that the rebellion has near enough the same straight line speed as the Audi but it appears they have sacrificed downforce as proven by the slower times in the previous sectors.

I also checked the overall time both cars spent in the pits during the race. Both pitted 8 times, The Audi being Diesel and Hybrid is aloud only 61 litres but the Rebellion Toyota has a 75 litres allowance. On the face of it used think Rebellion could gain sometime back by pitting less than the Audi? However as I just mentioned they both pit 8 times. So looking into it further did rebellion gain anytime back by not changing the tyres as much? Well I can say the #1 Audi spent a combined time of 9 min 44 seconds in the pits and the #12 Rebellion 9 mins 48 seconds. Not much to be gained back in the pits then, with similar times spent servicing the cars.

Still struggling to find anywhere were Rebellion have had a chance to gain anything back from the Audi during the race, I have looked through plenty of data and I can find no evidence where the Rebellion is suprior or the FIA/ACO have manufactored the sporting/technical regulations to give the LMP1 privateers a chance to snatch a podium should any of the top cars suffer with problems. My calulations have shown that over a lap on average they trail by 3.4 seconds and have proven that Rebellion's pit crew are just as savvy at servicing as Joest.

I fear the evidence suggests that FIA/ACO want to put off (intentionally or not) privateer teams from enetering LMP1 unless they give them more of a break. I don't think giving them bigger fuel tanks is the answer surely it just adds weight, incresses tyre wear and possable component fatigue. Also bear in mind both cars have the same base weight of 900kg. I'm not claiming to have the answers but just pointing out something needs to be addressed.

Hopefully the the big news that is due from Bart Hayden (Team Manager of Rebellion) at Spa will be a step towards securing the privateer in the top class of sportcar racing, long term.

All comments and thoughts are welcome.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Audi v Toyota v Rebellion, Silverstone Speed Traps

I haven't blogged for quite a while as some of you may know, but I'm going to give you all a little flavour of the direction I'm hoping to turn my blog into.

My opening example is the data from Silverstone speed traps from the first round of the FIA World Endurance Championship. I have pitched the top 10 speeds recorded by the #1 Audi, #8 Toyota and #12 Rebellion.

 photo AudivToyotavRebelliontopspeeds.jpg

You'll notice straightaway that the #8 Toyota has the slowest recorded speed in all 10 laps, I was originally surprised by this too. The obvious reason for this is down to the setup route Toyota chose with their cars for Silverstone, preferring a complete high downforce setup.

Rebellion on the other hand are a lot closer to Audi in terms of top speed than I anticipated, even with the recently installed aero upgrade. This explains, to a degree why Rebellion at the start of the Silverstone race were chasing the #7 Toyota of Alex Wurz.

Audi on the other-hand were the class of the field as you would expect with their latest 2013 spec E-tron Quattro. Recording a top speed of 272Kph (169Mph).

With the recently announced debut for the Audi E-Tron Quattro Long tail that will compete at the second race of the season, joined by the latest Toyota and possably a slippery version of the Rebellion. Spa already shows signs of a classic and you can rest assured I will trawl through the data.

All your comments and feedback are welcome.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ultimate Motor sport Resources 2013

 I have decided to create the ultimate motor sport resource page. I have covered all the essential series throughout the world. I have Included links for the homepage right down to technical regulations and 3rd party news features and extremely good bloggers.

Formula 1
Live timings
BBC F1 News
ScarbsF1 Technical
2013 Regulations

World Endurance Championship
Live Timing
Dailysportscar News and Features

World Rally Championship
Live Timings
WRC Radio

American Lemans Series
Live Timings

European Lemans Series
Regulations See bottom of page for full PDF files

V8 Supercars
Live Timings

Blancpain Endurance Series

British GT

Grand Am
Live Timings
Technical Regulations

IZOD IndyCar
Live Timings/Race Control

Other useful links
Andy Blackmore Spotters Guides
Wall planner includes nearly every date
Race Car Engineering
Ultimate Car Page (Technical Car Info)

That is it for now, I will add 2013 regulations and live video feed links as they become active throughout the season.

Also if you think I have missed anything please feel free to leave a comment and I may add it to the appropriate category.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Watch Sebring 12hr at Aston Martin Part 2

Last year Paul Dunk (@dunkie5150 ) organised a fantastic even at the Stratstone Aston Martin showroom in Derby. I'm pleased to announce that it makes a return for March 16th 2013.

You have the chance to watch the first round of the ALMS championship and also Bruno Senna's debut race for Aston Martin Racing. A 65inch flat screen TV courtesy of D&C complete with sound system. Other partners include Daily Sports Car, RadioLemans and Travel Destination (should you wish to plan a trip to Le Mans). Live timing will also be on display for the true anoraks on a slightly smaller screen, throughout the race.

Aston Martin Racing also will be supporting the event again. Last year there was also a tasty centrepiece for proceedings in the shape of the N24 Zagato... What for 2013?

Further treats on offer include, lovely hot homemade food made by Mrs Dunk, tea and coffee, private and secured parking, you may also bring alcohol if you wish. A lucky dip and guess the race laps competition with amazing prizes on other for the winners, so bring some change with you. This is a non profit event and anything left over will be donated to charity.

The main draw from everyone that attended in 2012 was the great time we all had watching a race with fellow Motorsport fans, it's great to share stories, information and maybe even explain a few things.... You won't get shot. Just make you want to come even more, did I mention you will be watch the race in an Aston Martin Dealership, so plenty of eye candy for us petrol heads (no diesels here)

Last years Daily sports car feature of the 2012 Event

For your chance to be part of this event it's £10 a ticket.... Yes thats right only £10!

Places are limited to 50 guests and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please email me at, DM me on Facebook or Twitter (@Dunkie5150) with your email address and contact telephone number to reserve your place. Payment will be taken in advance so that I can allocate your entry tickets, but if you have any questions, please let me know.

Race starts at 2pm and we will see you there!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

An unsung hero of modern motorsport

All motorsport fans have heard of the HANS device, well have you actually thought about how many lives the inventor has saved? Lets just say you couldn't actually count or you'd be counting for a while.

The device was invented by Dr. Robert Hubbard in the early 1980's. A discussion with a mutual racing friend after an unfortunate incident which saw Patrick Jacquemart lose his life after a testing accident involving a sudden stop. Dr Hubbard saw a weakness during a sudden stop accident, while the body would remain in place due to the seat belts the head remained un-tethered and momentum caused the head to continue moving forward, resulting in serious injury or instant death called a Basilar skull fracture.

Dr Hubbard came up with the HANS device, which stopped the head from going forward to extremes, reducing the risk of Basilar skull fracture. At first no one was interested in the device, it took nearly 10 years and some high profile deaths of Rolan Ratzenberger, Scott Brayton and Dale Earnhardt  for the device to finally set to work.


1. HANS device

2. Tether (one per side)

3. Helmet anchor (one per side)

4. Shoulder support

In the mid-90s, Mercedes Benz have decided to further develop the device in order to implement it in their Formula One programme. After further evaluation from the International Automobile Federation  it became a mantatory requirement in F1 2003 and since then all major series have followed suit right down to club level. Reported sales for the device are over 300,000.

In my eyes the HANS device is one of the greatest inventions to ever come from motorsport, it has saved the lives of many drivers since it's introduction, Robert Kubica, Ernesto Viso, Kenny Bernstein and Michael McDowell to name a few (a You Tube search will prove my point) and many more.

The work of Dr. Robert Hubbard deserves to go down in history and I'm sure if you asked a driver about the device he would have nothing but praise. A truly great invention.


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Watch the Sebring 12hr at Aston Martin

Having had "one of those" discussions with a friend on Twitter (Me) a couple of weeks ago and inspired by the Audi quattro Rooms (small "q" Hindy!) showing of Truth in 24, I would like open up the invitation to you to join us at the Aston Martin Showroom here in Derby, where I will be holding a private, ticket only, screening of the entire race coverage of the opening round of the WEC from Sebring, Florida on Saturday 17th March 2012.

With the assistance of Brand Partners Bang & Olufsen, we will show the race feed on the big screen, from early afternoon on Saturday and on into the wee small hours (I know Sportscar fans are made of resilient stuff). Aston Martin are happy to supply one of their new Vantage Race Cars for you to have a poke around, Mrs Dunkie and I will feed you (Pea Soup, Chilli or similar) and I will speak nicely to the Spotter Guides people so that we can have a sweep for the winners in each class - Bottle of Bubbly so that you can celebrate with the winning teams if you so wish.

Your parking will be on site and covered by security at all times. As you will understand, I am not in a position to supply any alcohol during the evening, but if guests wish to bring their own "lubrication" then that is fine but must be within reason.

There are some other nice little things that I am working on with John, Eve and the Team to make the evening even more exciting, so watch this space.

Tickets are strictly limited to 50 places and will cost the princely sum of £15.00 per head, paid in advance only as guest names will need to be on list for my Security Man to let you in.

I thought this might be an opportunity for a bit of a night out in a nice environment, bearing in mind it is also St. Patricks Day, a bit of racing, a bit of food and more importantly some friendly banter with like-minded Sportscar fans for what promises to be a fantastic spectacle with 60+ cars on the grid for the first race of the season.

Please email me on or Direct Message on Twitter @Dunkie5150 to reserve your place. Once added to the list I will need to take your payment, full contact information to send your tickets to. Tickets will be on a first come, first served basis hence the reason I am posting this on here first.

Hope you can join us!



Please respond to Paul's email or i can forward your info on. However remember it's a first come first served basis, so do not waste anytime and I will see you there.

I just want to thank Paul for taking this upon himself to organize, he has truly has surpassed anything I could of done.

See you all there.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

What to look out for in 2012

2012 is going to be all about the Hybrid. With the formation of the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the entry of Toyota it will once again be between 2 giants of the motoring world.

After the news that Peugeot had pulled the plug on their endurance program the competition was looking slim within the new WEC but Toyata took the bate and stepped up, confirming a double entry in the season highlight at Le Mans but taking on 4 Audi’s will be tough but fascinating for us fans.

A third Manufacturer will also be making an appearance, Mazda being run by Dyson Racing have been accepted by the ACO for the 24hrs of Le Mans. It remains how much the Mazda factory are involved within the development of the Lola.

Expect the unexpected.

The LMP2 category's surprisingly has a strong entry for 2012 WEC with 9 teams competing throughout the season, being doubled for Le Mans. Even though this is the second tier within the WEC do not discount it, I believe LMP2 will provide some of the best racing as long as the fragile nature of the cars can be sorted.

All 9 WEC entries have a tie up with a manufacturer Honda, Nissan cover most entrants with Morgan and Lotus joining the Japanese firms.

This could be the best year for DTM for a while, BMW have entered this years championship and the full might and resources being thrown into the V8 touring car series.

Audi and Mercedes the longer established teams within DTM could be in for a surprise. Two further reasons to watch will include Andy Priaulx and the fact the cars themselves are stunning.

I say this because I can see a resurgence from Ducati and the reemergence of Valentiono Rossi and that is always great for the sport. Stoner will be on a strong Honda, Lorenzo returning from injury and appearing back on the Yamaha all signs are good for a great season.

Also the top bikes will be built to the latest rules moving on from 800cc machines to 1000cc! That alone must be worth a look.

After the tragic events at Las Vegas in the final 2011 round of the which saw the passing of Dan Wheldon, 2012 will debut the car Dan helped to develop, the DW12.

An up and down season last year as regards driving standards and officals 2012 will be a step forward in all respects. Changes have been made throughout the series and I see a great year ahead.

New engines from Honda, Chevrolet and Lotus split throughout the grid will provide another element to mix up the season. The new car is new to everyone and I can see a a lower ranked team competing with the likes of Ganassi. Returning drivers and new drivers will also add another exciting mix.

Regardless of the politics which have lead to sky showing F1 in the UK and fact we must pay for it. I can see Sky stepping up the level of coverage available to fans for 2012 and setting a new standard.

With the launch of their stand alone channel in March, I wait with bated breath to see what Sky are bringing to F1.

Keep your eye out for all of the above, I will be watching and commenting throughout the season on twitter and via my blogs.